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Metro piece of shit.
Nice voyager you got there!
What type of phone do you have? :o
Metro PCS.
You mean Metro piece of shit!! Bahahaha.
#metro #pcs #piece #of #shit
by relive2usfate June 23, 2011
That Jack In The Box commercial that gets stuck in your head. You gotta admit they thought that commercial out well. From the cheesey pop song ploy, condescending teacher figure towards Jack, and him having to break the news to his son. This commercial appeals to every audience. Smart writers o:
"Jumbaco, jumbaco, jumbaco!"
#jumbaco #jack in the box #fast food #jumbo jack #food
by relive2usfate January 24, 2012
Captain Blackout.
What the fuck happened?
You tried to punch me in the face and threw up on my front porch :/
Fuckkk! They should rename captain morgan captain blackout o:
#captain #morgan #rum #spiced #alcohol
by relive2usfate July 09, 2011
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