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A phrase that means "If you care enough about a friend's well-being, you won't let them do something stupid like..." The phrase is frequently used, sometimes jokingly, in the form of a public service announcement.
Friends don't let friends get dial-up internet.
by regular1 November 02, 2008
The act of hatred towards some one or something that has an overrated amount of attention. People who might say "Fuck popularity" are those who aren't as noticed, third wheels, haters, and anyone else who isn't an overexposed attention whore. It's like what you might think when someone or something overshadows others or even yourself
When you get a reasonable amount of likes on a Facebook status and it gets stolen by somebody else who manages to get like a billion thumbs up for it. When your talking to a group of people and you feel proud and confident then someone comes along and steals your pride and your moment just because they have more popularity then you. So you think "Fuck popularity". Its really a jealously trait over someone more supreme
by Regular1 November 03, 2013

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