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The Seattle Freeze is a social phenomenon in the Puget Sound area. Basically, it means people will disregard ordinances, laws or public statutes and in general be a ass and sneer at others in public -- or give them the cold shoulder. People who are very committed to perpetuating the Freeze will ignore crime or fail to report crime; become belligerent with police or refuse to render aid in a accident or emergency situation, pretending it's not happening. Interpersonal contact is forbidden in most social situations. If you are at a party of Freeze-goers and do not meet the behaviour requirements you will be targeted with belittling remarks, insane xenophobic stares and extreme passive aggressiveness. Freezers also crave opportunities to leave quaint notes and reminders everyplace to make sure you comply with their absurd lifestyle expectations. At the workplace the Freeze can be seen through managerial discrimination of not hiring people originally from Washington state; a policy of no conversations; general anxiety during meetings or projects; quick entry and exit before and after shifts.
The Seattle Freeze can be shocking and outrageous to newcomers, but is a joke to most people.
by refuseTOspeak666 September 07, 2011

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