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1. Excited, hysterical, stoked.

2. Showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; exultant.

3. Expressing joy.

4. Exultingly joyful.

5. Used to express great excitement.
1. I just landed that editorial, I'm convelling!

2. Did see the look on that girls face when Jonny Depp walked out, she was convelling.
by reesetopher January 31, 2010
Shotty: Shot-ty

Pronounced: shot-tee

1. Unfortunate; unpleasant.

2. Of very poor quality, highly inferior.

3. Insignificant.

4. Being in a poor state or miserable situation.

5. Used to replace the word shitty there for not so vulgar.
1. Dude, that is so shotty!

2. I saw the movie Twilight last night, it was pretty shotty.

*Not really used in sentences, usually used as a response to a statement. For examples,

Statement: I got a speeding ticket on the way to the airport and ended up missing my flight.

Response: Shotty!
by Reesetopher January 15, 2010
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