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The total amount of other people's time wasted as a result of the actions (or inactions) of a person, organization, event or product. A person's Time Footprint is the sum total of all the time other people have lost because of their actions (or inactions).

The goal is to minimize your Time Footprint so that you do not have a Time Footprint that exceed a man-life.
If you save other people from wasting their time, you receive negative time footprint hours.

The unit of measure are in increments of lives, years, months, or minutes.
Snow boarders add to their time footprint every time they make their skier friends wait 2-3 minutes while they strap into their bindings.

Your girl friend’s time footprint is generally much higher than yours.

DMV clerks generally have a very high time footprint as they watch the line grow while they go on break. 20 people x 15 min = 5 man-hours added to their time footprint account.
by reddlynx99 December 30, 2010
Someone who answers a direct question with three stupid, usually unrelated, questions. The “spawning questions” are designed to be just a little more obtuse or urgent than your original direct question.

What is most annoying, is that the Question Spawner actually believes that he/she has answered your original question.

A Question Spawner is able to magnify the confusion of any given situation exponentially -- especially in large group settings.
You..."Joe, when will you be done with the project?"

Question Spawner
"Do you know when Bill is going to be back from vacation?"

"Have you heard whether we are going to release the product into China?"

"Do you know what the advertising budget for this project?"

You again...."Joe, when will you be done with the project?"
by reddlynx99 April 20, 2011
Conflict between two fun things to do, where both choices are equally fun.

Nobody seems to have sympathy for people with "Fun Conflicts". In fact, they become a little annoyed and wish they had more fun conflicts of their own.
"Sorry I can't go to skiing this weekend, I have a Fun Conflict. I am going to Vegas with my buddies instead."

"Looks like we have a Fun Conflict on Saturday. We have to choice between Jack's tailgate party and Jill's hot tub party"
by reddlynx99 October 23, 2011

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