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I want to get off the phone now because I hate talking to you, but I'll pretend that I'm being polite by letting you go back to whatever boring crap you would be doing if you weren't talking to me.
Them: So then he said it was benign but I should probably get it removed. And I said-

You: Wow! That's nuts! Hey look, I'm sure you've got a lot of stuff to take care of. I'm gonna let you go. Bye.

Them: Oh, uh, yeah. Bye.
by redbelt June 11, 2009
Speed taken in pill form once a day. Like a vitamin, but one that makes you think, move, and talk faster. Examples include Ritalin, Adderall, Caffeine, and Ephedrine. At one time humans obtained all the stimulation they needed from food, alcohol, and cocoa leaves. But in today's fast-paced culture, doctors recommend you take your amphetamins. (Adderall can even be chewed)
Bro: Dude, you all right? You take your amphetamins this morning? We gotta go blast our bis and tris at the gym in like five minutes. You better snort some; it'll hit you quicker.

Bro's Friend: Ok?

Bro: Sack up, Nancy. It's prescription.
by redbelt June 12, 2009
Tired. Ready to be taken out of the game. First used by Magic Johnson to describe Michael Jordan during the playoffs. Magic explained that Michael must be tired because he was "tugging his shorts".
Bro 1: Yo dude, you coming out tonight? We're gonna get banged up.

Bro 2: No way dude, I just wailed on my pecs. I'm tugging my shorts, big time.
by redbelt June 11, 2009

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