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The Demoscene orignates from the computersoftware pirate-scene in northern europe/scandinavia in the late 80s. Nowdays the "sceners" make multimeda demonstrations to show what your "demogroup" can do on the computer.
A demogroup consists of coders graphichsians and musicsians.
I just joined the demoscene, hurray. \o/
by red_powerranger March 06, 2003
commodore64 music. All the sounds are generated from the SID-chip.
Modern chips has to be either a SID or a module (see module) using 4 channels, and only sinuswave-like sounds.
Nintendo 8bit music is chipmusic for instance.
Dude, this chipmusic r0x dah house. I know. Its sweet.
by red_powerranger March 06, 2003
People who come to demoparties and play computergames. Generaly dissliked by the demoscene.
Gaymers will be killed on sight.
by red_powerranger March 06, 2003

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