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British slang for a person who's incredibly attractive without necessarily being "fit", as in healthy and/or muscular.
Oi mate, this girl is well fit!
by Recoil September 26, 2005
While your doing a girl from behind, when you are ready to cum simply pull out and blow your load on her back. Then use your finger to draw a picture of a Pelican on her back with your semen. Then reach down and twist her foot so hard she will no longer be able to walk.
I wonder if the reason that girl is using crutches is she got sticky rutledged.
by recoil February 22, 2012
Final Fantasy XI Character on Asura server. Best friend of Glivan who is also equally as cool ^^
Look at Pibwawa casting Cure IV on that guy!
by recoiL February 22, 2005
Short for "shoot-em-up". A videogame genre in which you usually play the role of a spaceship or a soldier and must destroy everything in your path.
Contra is the best shmup ever!
by Recoil September 24, 2004
Not very common, but can be used either as a l33t version of the word "poop" or something you say when you're mad.
p00p, my computer is fux0red
by Recoil May 11, 2003
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