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A stinky wet fart or wet-farts that result from drinking too much Jagermeister the night before.
Man A: Dude that stinks, have you shit?
Man B: Yeah sorry, too many Jagers last night
Man A: Dude, sounds like you have Jager Leakage.
by reckless-abandon February 19, 2011
when you are so wiped on beer and jagermesiter that you crash out on the bed and are so smashed you piss the bed while shitting yourself and being sick, in the style of so many rock stars of the past...
Mr A: dude that was an epic 18 hour sesh I was totally wiped...
Mr B: yer man, what was the story with all that Jager? I ended up rock-starring the bed...
Mr A: no way - that's messy dude, cant believe you would rockstar the bed.
by reckless-abandon September 13, 2011
when you have too many jagers the night before and it causes a feeling of general apathy often accompanied by several very pungent doses of the shits.
Dude sorry I am late for breakfast, had a bad case of jagerfail this morning after all those free bombs last night.
by reckless-abandon September 16, 2011

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