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A term used for trolling anyone named Theon who wishes to escape the unfortunate comparison with the Game of Thrones character, who is notorious for fucking prostitutes and ugly girls, feeling up his sister, and being a general douche.
Troll: "Wait, did you say your name was Theon, like from Game of Thrones?"
Troll: "Haha how is your sister going, Greyjoy?"
by reasons September 04, 2012
An all round nice guy; smart, good looking, and fun to hang out with. Although he can appear quiet, he is a complete animal once you scratch the surface. His complementary subjects of interest are women and fucking, and will talk exhaustively on either topic when prompted. Rumoured to have a very large penis, he generously uses it to pleasure many ladies. Other men are surprisingly not jealous of Theon, because he makes sure his friends all meet sexy ladies too.

Not to be confused with Theon Greyjoy.
With Theon around we will surely all get laid.
by reasons August 26, 2012
An incredibly rare beast, and a consummate bro. He will aid you in the pursuit of any depravity and not judge you for it, including advice on the localities in which it is legal. His special power is the ability to fold time, enabling him to read all of the Internet and watch all of the porn. Nevhans are most commonly seen in bars and clubs, at parties, or naked in front of the computer.

Commonly goes by "Nev", but not to be confused with Neville.
You know you're going to have a good time with Nevhan around.
by reasons September 04, 2012
A girl who, except for lacking a penis, would qualify as a bro. She is interested in drinking, fucking, partying, working out, and chilling with her bros.

Demi-bros can sometimes be problematic, on account of her wanting to have sex with her bros, and vice versa. This is the only thing that disqualifies her from being a bro, because bros should not want to have sex with their bros.
That girl is such a demi-bro, buy her another beer.
by reasons August 26, 2012

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