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When cute won't cut it. Applies to kittens, baby chicks and grown men who act like overgrown 5 year olds.

Also: kewtest, kewtness
I think you're so kewt when you get excited I could just puke!
#cute #kewtness #kewtie #cutest #cuter
by realtalljason July 05, 2011
A 'Super Loser Double Feature' is going to see two or more movies in one evening by yourself. Said person is alone by choice, unavailability of real/imaginary friends or hatred of other humans. Kiosks are used to purchase tickets so same ticket counter does not see said person twice. Antisocial behavior maybe exhibited if noisy family or seat kickers sit to close. In some situations said person will go to multiple theaters to completely avoid being identified as a double dipper.
Last Saturday Jason had a rare Super Loser Double Feature night at the movies after none of his 'friends' called him back.
#movies #loser #double feature #movie night #alone #theater #double-dipper
by realtalljason July 03, 2011
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