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Not to be confused with the non greek "fraternity" Farm-House though there are many similarities that had these two groups been founded today would result in a copyright claim that would stand up well in the United States Higher court system. AGR was founder first which is to be noted. Recently the members of this fraternity are doing their best to jump on the bandwagon of the whole "Fratty" movement which is steering their organization away from its traditional values towards tfm.com. What once was a group of hardworking gentlemen with good family values and sense of tradition that can only be found from the small town atmosphere has sense become one of stereotypical "frat " focused more on brands such as Sperry, boating, Southern Tide and portraying the TFM image than their actual fraternity and bettering the image of agriculture. With boasts of "pulling" all this group of primary overly religious virgins pulls is an implement behind a tractor, or someone out a ditch with an overly lifted unnecessary truck. Almost every house has a collection of files containing past coursework for almost any gen ed class as well as all of the college of agriculture coursework so these boys can come in handy grade wise. These files allow these boys to spend almost every night at the bar, as well as to receive higher grades than any other group on campus which results in better jobs in the long run so ladies start polishing your gold digging equipment.
Hey girl you going to hit up that AGR party tonight? Yeah! they always have free booze and I can always go over to TKE or ATO afterwards and find someone to sleep with?
Hey my car is stuck in the snow do you know anyone who can help me? Yeah! Call up one of the AGGERs those AGR's can always pull someone out.
by reallyanagger December 12, 2013
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