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The main catch phrase of the 45th vice-president of the United States, Al Gore.
"Hillary, if you run on the Anti-Man Bear Pig platform you'll definitely win the Democratic nomination. Excelsior!" - Al Gore
#exselior #al gore #south park #environmentalist #new york motto
by realguitarHERO August 29, 2008
A classic American car made by Dodge in the late 80's to the early 90's. Defined by it's classic boxy stature and reliability, it also has been known to survive many crashes leaving the other car totaled. Based on the k-car, the chassis that brought Chrysler back from the edge of demise, it's designer is most likely dead from seeing his/her car on the road and offing his/her self or from an average citizen stepping up to the plate to kill the person who designed such a "classic" car. The interior was lined with amazing velour and faux wood that to this day rattles as the car is driven. The interior plastics/glues have been know to give way leaving the feel of total quality and safety. The transmission on the 3.3L is known to be very troublesome, but only add value and charisma to an already amazing car. The Chrysler New Yorker was the Chrysler variant of the Dynasty. From earlier commercials it could be said that it was marketed as a luxurious European touring sedan, and that is what it is know as to this day. All around it is one of the best cars ever made on the planet earth.
Person 1 : What's that racket?
Person 2 : Oh ya, that's Jose's Dodge Dynasty, his parents wanted to embarrass him so he would lose all his friends.
Person 1 : Well they did a good job, cause I'm not going to be seen with someone driving a classic Dodge Dynasty. Let's go before he sees us!
#classic car #dodge dienasty #dynasty #dienasty #amazing car
by realguitarHERO August 29, 2008
An insult commonly used to describe someone who's face looks like they have aids; someone who has really bad acne that looks like it might be bad enough to kill them such as aids would.
Person 1 : Ewwwww! look at that girl, she's such an aids face!
Person 2 : What's an aids face?
Person 1 : Someone with a pale, acne covered face that looks like they're dying.
Person 2 : Ohhhh! an AIDS face...I get it. Ha ya definitely an AIDS face.
#aidsface #herpsface #herpes face #herps face #herpesface
by realguitarHERO August 29, 2008
1. A merchant of black market Bop-It toys

2. A person whom one goes to for blow jobs (BJs).
My friend's little brother wants a Bop-It for Christmas and he doesn't have a lot of money, so I told him to buy one from a bop dealer.

Where's Jan goin?
Oh, he left to see his bop dealer for his weekly BJ.
#drug dealer #bop-dealer #bop-it dealer #black market #blow job
by realguitarHERO December 14, 2010
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