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the burning sensation around your anus when you take a shit after eating a lot of chilli peppers.
dude1- you want some chilli?

dude2- nah; i'm cuttin' down, last time i got a ring of fire that burned for several hours.

dude1- what can i say- it burns you twice!
by realcelestialphoenix July 20, 2008
any foodstuff which makes you fart

'good push, you been eatin' my fart fodder?'
by realcelestialphoenix January 01, 2009
same as fucker, but said with more satification,
hence the "-ah" sound on the end.

you can drew out the -ah, for a more profound effect:-

"fuck you, fukkahhhh"

note: instead of 'fuck' you can also use:
feck (posh)-fekkah
fock(unsure of accent)- fokkah
fack (austerailian)- fekkah
not just a fucker, but a fukkah
by realcelestialphoenix July 01, 2008
a padded chair of which as been sat on for so long that there is an imprint of the user's butt in th chair.
dude1- "i got off the sofa the other day, and left the perfect imprint of my butt in the padding!"

dude2- "you've got yourself an ass chair!"
by realcelestialphoenix November 01, 2008

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