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2 definitions by rdff41

It is the venereal disease Chlamydia.
Example 1: Used on the show Rescue Me

Tommy: I think I caught the big c.
Lou: No, no. Cancer is the big c, Chlamydia..little c

Example 2:
The little c makes my piss turn to fire.
by rdff41 June 27, 2006
The famous signature of the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note. Recently it has been purported to be an acronym for Shall Be The Conquerer. This was brought to light when John Mark Karr claimed he was the one to write the note. A school yearbook belonging to Karr 's former female classmate may provide the link between Karr, the yearbook, and the Ramsey ransom note. In the yearbook, Karr ended his signature with the line, "Though, deep in the future, maybe I Shall Be The Conqueror and live in multiple peace." The words in initial-capitalized letters do not appear anywhere in the yearbook as an acronym.
Example 1:
John Mark Karr is just some kiddie porn addicted perv trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

Example 2:
I S.B.T.C. in telling this man he is a complete dipshit.
by rdff41 August 19, 2006