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the kawasaki triple was and still is the ultimate sport bike of the 70,s...the h2 750 two stroke monster had impressive power and speed that remains respectable to this day...the h2 750 made around 70 plus horsepower and with it smoke and noise it would not be a bike that every one would disire,but those diehard fans of the triple still loves to here one rip through the gears...there are triple clubs all over the world that contribute to the presevation of the triples as well as making them more modern...the kawasaki triple is the true anti-christ of motorcycles
kawasaki triples!!! let the blue smoke roll...
#three #cylinder #two #stroke #engine
by razmaster December 21, 2006
a bitch is some woman in your life that has fucked you six ways to sunday and has left you holding a big sac of shit...no country song playing backwards here...you do not get your house back,your truck back,your dog back,ect,ect...
my ex wife is a fucking bitch!!!!!!
#bitch #douchebag #golddigger #gone #seeya
by razmaster October 18, 2006
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