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When a man stretches his scrotum up over his penis and entirely covers it so his genital region resembles a flat skin-coloured patch, similar to a store mannequin.
After shaving my sack I can do such a good mannequin, Target wants to hire me to do in store promotions.
by raypower October 25, 2009
Feeding the joey is the act of doing a reverse kanga and holding a midget upside down feet first while s/he blows you. The result is that you are a concerned Kangaroo mother feeding the Joey or kangaroo baby.
"How did your date with Bridget the Midget go last night?"

"Nice. I ended up feeding the joey, she has very grippable ankles."
by raypower March 27, 2009
Pronounced poo-gar. Similar to a Cougar,

A Pougar is a gay male, usually between thirty and fifty years-old, who enjoys the sexual company of younger men.

Will often be seen with hungry fuck me eyes preying on males 25 and under.
I was at the Blue Oyster and I got eye raped by at least 3 pougars.

Hey, you know how your mum is a total cougar and hit on me, turns out your dad's a pougar and hit on me too.
by raypower March 27, 2009
A group of Asian Males aka too much noodle.
Man, that LAN party was a total noodle market.
by raypower October 17, 2013

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