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A term peculiar to the Broadmeadows region, used to describe a foolish or stupid person.
Angela Troung is such a mofta
by Ray May 24, 2003
A hot, sweet guy
Ray is fucking hot, I'd wreck it
by Ray April 03, 2003
Of or relating to a flood like circumstance (adjective)

used in the "dirty" south
"I heard it got really floody down your dirt road, lauren"
by Ray September 06, 2004
Acting in a mischivious or inappropriate manner in order to atract attention.
The boy was acting very purpley in order to impress Mary-Jane.
by Ray March 03, 2003
Not something you want to put in your mouth.
Damn! That chick put a whole Dhirendra in her mouth! Gross! Fuck...look at that!
by ray April 08, 2005
Groww more pot!
jello biafra is the shit
by ray October 13, 2003
pimp or player.
look at that cheenu.
by ray July 09, 2003
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