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1.) A technique used in movies to attract men's interest. It contains many explosions and is usually directed by Michael Bay. The T.V. show Robot Chicken is responsible for coining the term Baysplosions.
Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRS90V8BQGo

That movie was only good for the baysplosions.
#michael bay #explosions #baysplosions #robot chicken #dick flick
by rawramp February 25, 2009
1.) A term first used during one of the single releases in 1971 by T. Rex. Marc Bolan, the writer of all material in the band, created this term. It is now released with the album "Electric Warrior" as a bonus track.
2.) A woman with nice breasts, has a mouth like reminiscent of ghastly nature and thinks particularly highly of themselves. Most people call them scary, bragging sluts.
Hey, did you hear T. Rex's single "Raw Ramp"?

She's such a bitch. My dick hides whenever I see that raw ramp.
#marc bolan #t. rex #obama #scar tissue #ireland
by rawramp February 24, 2009
1.) The second month in the Roman calendar system.
2.) Contains the highest suicide rates.
Why do you want to kill yourself? Oh yeah, it's February...
#bley #dull #rhode island #edgar allen poe #richard brautigan #kurt cobain #elliot smith
by rawramp February 24, 2009
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