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verb. getting together with a bunch of your friends and spending ridiculous amounts of money on food, all to be consumed in one massive binge sitting.
also, to spend excessive amounts of money on purchasing perception altering substances, all to be enjoyed in one sitting or throughout one day.
we all put in $50 and ordered from every takeout place in town. i felt like i was gonna hurl after we chibooged.

yo, you wanna chiboog this weekend?
by raunchy booty girl June 30, 2005
noun. 1. the submissive partner in the act of spooning. the person getting spooned by the ladle.
hey baby, i'll be your ladle if you'll be my meatball.

that's one tasty meatball. i wanna be her ladle.
by raunchy booty girl June 30, 2005
cigarettes, from the smell of a new pack, which is very similar to the smell of raisins. seriously, go smell a fresh pack and you'll get it.
yo, can i bum a raisin?
by raunchy booty girl July 01, 2005
noun. the dominant participant in the act of spooning. the ladle spoons the meatball.
oh, john is so sweet, last night i let him be my ladle and he really got off on my meatball.
by raunchy booty girl June 30, 2005

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