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Music for those who consider brilliant technical mastery of an instrument more important than actual songwriting.
"Music with careful subtlety and texture is for pussies. I prefer death metal."
by rationalthinker November 29, 2006
What happens when religion invades the brain, and when one lives their reality, when under the influence of Myth.
The Islamic Fundamentalists beheaded people for not believing in Islam as the only way to live, these dudes are "High on Myth".

Both sides of a WAR have GOD on their side, they are High on Myth

The Devil made me do it, High on Myth

Thank God for saving my son or daughter, High on Myth, the Doctors saved them in reality.
by RationalThinker December 22, 2014
Somebody who, despite living an affluent lifestyle of commercialism and consumption, thinks that they are making a positive impact on the planet as long as they eat lentils instead of cheese. Vegans are almost always teenage girls who think that the natural world consists of harmless pink flowers and rainbows and that there is no such thing as the food chain.
"The vegan felt better about herself because she drove her gas-guzzling pollutionmobile ten miles down the road and back, killing countless airborne insects along the way, just to top up on soy milk"
by rationalthinker November 27, 2006
The act of high-jacking or stealing a robot, autodriving car, a vacuum cleaner, or any autonomous being.
The new Uber Driver-less car was involved in a RoboJacking. It was told to go to a remote location, and then network jammed and memory wiped.
by RationalThinker September 14, 2016
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