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A television channel that, despite all evidence to the contrary, is not a comedy or parody channel. they tend to cater to the extreme right of politics, who are in fact, a minority. they just happen to have the loudest audience. Fox news tends to distort news stories to paint the republican party as the hero, or, if there is no way to manipulate the news in the way they want, they resort to a downright ass pull that people nonetheless believe because it's what the want to hear. one such instance was where they claimed the original mass effect game would feature "full frontal nudity" and was a "sex simulation game" that only existed to "corrupt the minds of the new generation.*" heartless bastards only brought in one person who had played the game, and he was an idiot at defending it. in other words, fox is great for a laugh, but don't belive a single thing they say.

*not exact quotes, but close enough.
Jane doe: "did you watch fox news? they have hilarious story going about how democrats are evil!"

John doe: "that's great! you can always count on them for a laugh!"
by ratbrainbasher October 21, 2013
a statement used to tell people that you are not rich. even though the literal meaning is wrong, as money comes from paper, and paper is from trees, the meaning of the statement does have some use, and is always a good statement to live by.
Jane doe: mom, can i have these 100$ jeans?

Jane doe's mom: no honey, money don't grow on trees!
by ratbrainbasher March 25, 2013
The 'nice' word for stupid. often told to people who are in fact complete idiots in order to avoid offending them. sometimes has the exact opposite effect, as people generally do not like it when people use euphemisms to avoid offense.
i told that idiot from work he was academically challenged. it had the opposite effect of what i had intended, and it just pissed him off.
by ratbrainbasher September 19, 2013

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