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4 definitions by rasko

E's, pills, ecstacy. Due to the unsightly gurning experienced by ravers under the influence of.
I'm gonna see (insert dealer name here) for a bag of gurners.
by rasko September 12, 2003
to become drunk, stoned or otherwise to the point of nonsensical jibberish. In honour of legendary NewsToday.com user 'wendell'.
"I've have a bad day, got to get to the pub and get wendelled"
by rasko October 03, 2003
an effeminate gentleman with a penchant for poetry, flowers and frequently the love of another man.
Jamie Solomon is such a ponsior, he loves to charm the underpants of young buccaneerswhilst punting on the river.
by rasko October 03, 2003
Rhyming slang for beer: Britney Spears = beers
I'm off down the rub a dub dub for a coupla britney's.
by rasko September 12, 2003