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4 definitions by rarr

One of the most popular LUE fads ever. Posting it on LUE is now a markable offense.
In response to a topic:
Expected LUEshi/10
by rarr August 12, 2004
26 8
people that you randomaly talk to while online and get to know in that 'random internet way'

You'll never meet them, even if they're in the same town, they're just randoms.
so you going to meet that girl?
Nah she's just one of those randoms
by rarr January 14, 2005
3 9
An area that's prefix 'Great' refers to it being the whole of Britain, a larger area than the archaic meaning of Britain. For that reason, lots of towns and counties have this prefix, for example Farnley in Great Farnley.
England is in Great Britain.
by rarr March 05, 2004
28 48
a homo, someone who likes to take and give it up the butt.
"Oh yeah, Jim's a total dirt biker, he rides the hershey highway."
by rarr February 17, 2004
12 34