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2 definitions by rareskills

Scissor Gang Mofia. This group of D-bags has been together for some time. They are recognized by their gang sign, similiar to a sideways-peace sign, with the palm facing in. You can usually find these members drunk at clubs or there headquarters in scottsdale, az. Their leader is not officially known but it thought to be Gumbi. For further information visit thedirty.com
Look at the fake SGM throwin up the scissors sign. What a D-bag.
by rareskills April 01, 2008
someone who is doable, but you probably won't get the chance with. Someone worth masturbating too, similiar to masturbatable.
Damn, you see that chick that walked by? ...ya, she's ight...she's batable.
by rareskills April 09, 2010