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A small kiss, not quite a kiss, a tenth of one kiss.
I had to have ten kisslets before I felt like I had really had a kiss.
She gave me a tiny kisslet on my cheek and I was happy just because her soth lips had touched my skin.
by Raph August 12, 2004
To show a great happiness for something. Something you say when you are happy with the outcome.
A: I just got us 2 free tickets to the gig on Saturday.
B: Wootis!

A: I had such a wootis time the other night thanks.
by Raph August 12, 2004
An old imptoent man that blows his load
Hes nothing but an old dibbler watching porn
by Raph October 19, 2003
one who takes being a CHISLA to the extreme
oi MAX, stop being such a fucking chislepop
by raph February 11, 2004
Spooofy is when somthing is a combination of stupid, and goofy, at the same time.
Mike Miers is spooofy.
by raph March 11, 2005
Injure paysanne du haut doubs situé approximativement en France...
M. Charbonnier, prof de physique : Mais Phillipe tu fous rien t'es une cré vingt-dieu d'Murie !!!
by Raph February 04, 2005
OKUYAMA is not a person or a thing;
OKUYAMA lies in everyone. You must find your own OKUYAMA.
Forever Okuyama!
Long Live Okuyama
by raph December 14, 2004

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