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The only phrase where you can offer and offend somebody.
I would like to fuck you.--offer
I would like to fuck you and your mama.-- offend
by rans October 19, 2004
From Mexican origin. When five people are TRESpassing and getting a ticket you say "Como que trespassing, SOMOS 5".
The greatest rock en espanol band in the San Bernardino area.
Did you hear the new SOMOS 5 c.d?
We all want to go see SOMOS 5.
by rans September 27, 2004
One of the greatest los angeles bands ever. Tienen un chingo de talent. Songs Pescador and Thais kick major arse. Beautiful lead singer. The band is lady P, Don Verde, Vira Lata and Chris V.
Have you heard Los Abandoned's version of Selena's "COMO LA FLOR"? ES MUY CHIDO.
by rans December 03, 2004
The drummer for SOMOS 5.
Hey did you hear chiwi's new beats on SOMOS 5's new song.
by rans September 27, 2004

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