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Toilet paper which is just one sheet thick. This toilet paper is discounted and should be used at your own risk. Your fingers will frequently go through the toilet paper creating a mess that would not occur if you were not so stingy as to buy one ply in the first place.
Guy 1: Fuck, u smell like shit. What happened to you?
Guy 2: I'm low on money this week, i've been using one ply.
#one #ply #toilet #paper #shit
by Ranga O_o December 13, 2009
The most successful team in the NRL since their introduction in 1988. They have won 6 premierships and 4 minor premierships. They have qualified for the final series every year since 1991.
Guy 1: Oi brah, did the Brisbane Broncos make the finals this year.
Guy 2: Check the calendar fucktard. It's not before 1991.
#broncos #brisbane broncos #nrl #finals #premiers
by Ranga O_o December 13, 2009
'Howzat' is an appeal in cricket. Before a batsmen is given out, technically at least one person in the fieliding team must appeal. After an appeal the umpire will give a decision as to whether a batsmen is out, or go to the third umpire if he is unsure on 'line' decisions - namely run-outs, stumpings, and whether a catch is legitimate.
*batsmen nicks the ball to the wicket-keeper*
bowler, keeper and close-in fielders: HOWZAT
*umpire raises finger* - signifying the batsmen is out.
#howzat #appeal #cricket #bowler #batsmen #umpire #how is that
by Ranga O_o December 15, 2009
Someone who will spend all time they have access to a computer on MSN. When MSN is not available they will be lost, and not have anything to do.
*guy breaks down in tears* MSN FAILED! - if that happens to you, you are an MSN ADDICT!
#msn #addict #computer #internet #im
by Ranga O_o December 13, 2009
(named after black umpire Steve Bucknor, imfamous for many shit decisions towards the end of his career)
1. the act of shitting
2. the shit itself
Brb, im gonna go bucknor.

Dude, lets put some bucknor in a bag and set it alight.
#bucknor #steve bucknor #shit #umpire #crap #feical matter
by Ranga O_o December 15, 2009
When you talk to someone on MSN as if you are in a relationship, however in the real world you either never see each other or your relationship is much different and possibly awkward.
John: Hey brah, how come you and Wendy don't talk at school?

James: Oh, she's just my MSN GF.
#msn #girlfriend #gf #live messenger #instant messenger #msn relationship #relationship
by Ranga O_o December 15, 2009
Cricket: A reminder of the shocking decisions Steve Bucknor had made. If it were not for these decisions, a system would not have to be in place allowing for the challenge of umpires calls regarding as to whether a batsmen is out. Each team is allowed two unsuccessful challenges per innings.
*Umpire give batsmen out LBW*
Batsmen: I'm gonna use the umpire decision referral system cos i inside edged that.
#umpire #decision #referral #system #udrs
by Ranga O_o December 13, 2009
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