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Social jargon used amongst Tumblr bloggers, may include contractions, acronyms, and deliberately misspelled words, that are either in written or verbal form.
a) Verbal form of tumblrspeak: "Did you see that epic win she posted last night? I totally reblogged it and this fuckyeah blog liked it." "Dude, I can't understand your tumblrspeak. I don't have tumblr." "Then you're just an epic FAIL."

b) Written form of tumblrspeak: ROFL. EPIC WIN. /died. srsly. >.<
by randomvernacular July 07, 2010
Acronym that stands for 'finger to lip' which describes a type of pose used by celebrities to appear more seductive. Used in tumblrspeak.

a) That picture was so hot because of Angelina Jolie's FTL.

b) Stop with the FTL, you're still not sexy!
by randomvernacular July 07, 2010

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