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A well known drunk who doesnt mind drinking and driving. He is usually a nice person but when alcohol is applied he either becomes incredibly irratated or so mellow he passes out listening to his reggae music and never gets in trouble coming home. Loves to do favors by buying beer, or supply those less fortunate with a usual 12 or foti's for his jewish compatriate. If you ever meet him, hes probably already bombed out of his mind so just walk by and yell out surferdude, and don't forget to stutter the S; he can also be referd to as Lloyd, or if your into the breivity thing surfer will do fine.
random freind#1:"ssssssssurferdude..."
random freind#1:"surfer you bombed yet?"
surferdude:"yea man..."
random freind#1:"ss..sssurfer your always bombed."
surferdude:"hell yea I am!!!"
by random freind January 31, 2005

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