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The act of fucking someone who is under 18 (When your 18+) - quite ILLEGAL and common in USA. Quite LEGAL and common in Japan.
Need I say more?........................
by RANDOM DUDE November 22, 2004
1) A little scope u look into to see a variety of swirling colours.

2) LSD and stoner vision.
If you can't afford a kaleidoscope- smoke some weed and you;ll enjoying it all night long.
by RANDOM DUDE November 22, 2004
Someone who finds sexual pleasure with cars whether it be-
1)fucking the exhaust pipe,
2)feeling da vibes of da engine, or 3)simply a person who is too cheap to buy car lube so he uses his cum instead.
4)Masturbating over a car (over under)
Any of your friends car fuckers- it's a victimless crime but theyz prob so fucked up dat they need sum yrz of therapy.
by RANDOM DUDE November 22, 2004
A Light Blue Peugeot 206 driven by the legendary Dec.
It's the decmobile! Look out!
by Random Dude January 27, 2005
The most desired food of Neil. Often found accompanied with orange juice.
Ah, yes I was just sitting down telling my amusing story, whilst some man stole my cake on a plate. He says he was proper banged.
by Random Dude January 14, 2005
Something which is not sheddly.
e.g Sheeves or cooper.
Cooper is unsheddly.
by Random Dude February 01, 2005
As used by Chavs who were recently arrested for driving and want to give you £50 to take their car back to Northfield.
I'm proper banged mate! Can yow drive?
by Random Dude January 26, 2005

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