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One of the funniest movies made by broken lizard productions.Vermont highway patrol does this far'fetched crazy shit
super troopers lines
guy2:"what if you owned the beach."
guy1:" You dont own the beach man."
guy2:"like if you own the beach do you own like the sand and the water?"
guy3(taking a hit of weed):"no man nobody ownes the water its,its gods water"
guy3:"What if a naked girl breaks her leg on your beach,she can sue mee...SUE ME SUE ME!"
(guy3 eats $100 of weed and $30 worth of shrooms)
(they get pulled over by highway patrol)
Thorny:"license and registration"
guy1:"officer i..."
Thorny:"licesnse and registration please"
(guy1 hands thorny the license and registration)
Thorny:"you know how fast you were going"
Rabbit:"how fast you were going"
guy1:"but officer isnt the speed limit sixty-five?"
Thorny:"Yeah... it is"
guy3(tripping):" candybars"
Thorny:" you boys know why i pulled you over,littering"
(showing them the bag of weed they threw out the window)
by raidermac2010 July 10, 2008

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