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When something exceeds the outer limits of grubby and becomes grub status.
Boburt: Yeah so i was jacking off to some GMilf porn then i jizzed in myown mouth and it tasted hecka good, so i saved some more in a water bottle so i can add it to boring drinks.

Guy 1: that's grubby

Guy 2: Dood thats Grub STATUS
by raiderjason December 05, 2011
REALLY fucking sketchy
Bob: Look at that guy over there shuffly around with that huge black bag
Joe: Yeah thats etchasketchy
by raiderjason January 15, 2012
When shit gets grubby. Usually happens while having a casual conversation then stepping in/spilling something really grubby.
Bob: Dude whatsup
Mike: Not much
Bob: Dude watchout
mike steps in a pile of dog shit
Mike: DUDE
by raiderjason June 05, 2011
Some one who has more pictures of him/her self on facebook than friends.
Guy 1: Yo i just hit the limit for photos i can post on facebook, my 34 friends are gonna be juiced to see my new photo albums.
Guy 2: What a douche bag....
by raiderjason May 31, 2011

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