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People who judge others without actually knowing them.They don't treat others how they want to be treated.These people are usually the popular people in society that are the contributers to all the wrong fucked up shit that goes on in the world and they try to justify it as being the norm.These people are nothing more than losers wearing fancy clothes and can't really be themselves because they care about what others think!! The people out there that are "individuals" are the real winners because they don't have to live a lie!!
Jock: you really sucks man.ha ha.
Jock: because you are actually nice to people and you don't act like normal people and because of that you are a loser!
dude:I guess I am a loser if that means I like to keep shit real,do what I want and not what others want,be myself and treat others the way I want to be treated.Yeah nigga in your world I'm a loser!!! In my world your the squirrel you bamma ass over dressed loser!!
Jock : Yeah whatever nigga
dude: Yeah that's right bitch!! It's whatever.
by rahrah February 24, 2005

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