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When u wake up after getting totally drunk the night before and look out the window and your car is gone . You call your best friend to tell her your car was stolen and she tells you it is still parked in front of her house.
I drank so much last night that when I woke up I thought my car was stolen but then my friend told me I got a ride home cause I was so out of it. It was a clear case of hangover amnesia
by rageagainsthemachine May 18, 2010
This is when one car turns and the car behind it seems to attach itself to the first car to make the turn with him.
you are stuck in traffic and so u wave on a car to get across and the car behind takes full advantage of your kindness and crosses with him as if they were attached with car magnets.
by rageagainsthemachine May 17, 2010
A girl who will go let you bang her when it's dollar night at the bar.
John: On Wednesday nights you can really save money and bring home a dollar diva .

Eddie: Well I guess that makes you a buck banger.
by rageagainsthemachine May 28, 2010
This is when someone goes on and on that you should not be partying because it is not right according to God, when he himself is partying along with you. So ironic wouldn't you say?
that guy is such a buzz kill , he was being a partypreacher all night long.
by rageagainsthemachine May 26, 2010
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