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n. (go-zard)
1) A gopher/lizard hybrid
2) Derogatory term used to refer to a girl that looks like a mix between a rodent and reptile, who also has a tic or a strange facial mannerism. A twitching butterface.
A girl with small lackluster eyes and mousey features. Perhaps with an odd, jerky way of flipping her hair or an annoying burp or eye twitch.
I can’t believe that guy is flirting with Danielle, he must be drunk, she is such a gozard. She looks like Godzilla and Minnie Mouse’s love child.
by raejae December 29, 2008
n. (brah, broh) A (usually) Caucasian male who:
Thinks he’s a badass, but has nothing much to do with his time but drink and hit on ugly girls.
Acts gagsta, but is racist.
Has more clothes than most girls. Is very protective of his shoes.
Is homophobic.
Always wears a cap of some kind. Usually with a flat brim that is turned ever so slightly to one side.
Drives a big truck and/or thinks he’s from the bay.
First seen in: Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring.
Primary Habitat: Cali
Signifying Markings: Famous brand anything, matching trucker hat and shoes, proudly displaying norcal or socal decals on their vehicles.
Activities: Seen mostly in Frats (if they can get into college), going to bars and trolling for scratch (if they can live past 21), dancing like douche bags, and getting into fights. May refer to themselves as gangsta, hood, country, or any number of other misnomer.
Likes: motor sports, 30 packs of light beer, bleach blond butterfaces, gagsta rap
Dislikes: the police, smart people, hoppy lagers, all ales, parties with less than 200 people.
Catch Phrases: “Brah,” “You don’t gotta lie to kick it,” “Effing,” and adding “-izzle” after every noun, using the word hyphee to describe clothing altogether too much.
Synonyms: Townies
Bro: "S'up?"
Girl: "Matt? Is that you?"
Bro: "Foshizzle"
Girl: "You're a Brah now?"
Bro: "Eff No!"
Girl: "Then what's with the Famous shirt and the Fox racing cap? And why are your hat and shoes color coordinated?"
Bro: "pfft, cha. Why you always hatin' on a nigga that's havin' thangs?"
Girl: ????
by raejae December 29, 2008
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