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3 definitions by radadam

When then tip of the penis becomes red, inflamed , and sensitive to do overexposure with sandy bathing suit material.
"After that drunken weekend at the beach , i arrived home with a severe case of tip sickness"
by radAdam August 21, 2007
The New Yankee Workshop is when you fuck a girl with the claw end of a rusty hammer , usually wearing nothing but a checkered short sleeve t-shirt and a pedophile like beard.Upon climax , you shove her face in a pile of saw dust.
Guy: Dude carol came over last night and she was so drunk she passed out in the garage.
Dude: Oh man what happened ?
Guy: Oh, I put on an episode of This Old House and gave her The New Yankee Workshop.
Dude: Yikes ! You're a sick fuck.
Guy: Yeah well you look like Ralph Macchio.
by radadam March 24, 2008
adj. - a unique and significant presence, or lack there of.
Man that pregnant midgets vagina was crazy incandiferous.

by radadam March 02, 2008