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1. a funny name to call your teachers.
2. (edible) nuts that are colored rainbow.
2. ballsacks that are rainbow colored.
4. a kneeslapping inside joke to share with your friends.
1. Mr./Mrs._______ is a Rainbow Nut!!!

2. Those Rainbow Nuts are yummy.

3. Have you seen that man's Rainbow Nuts?

4. Would you like to be my Rainbow Nut?
#balls #nuts #colorful #rainbow #funny
by rachelquifferpants April 19, 2008
1. a funny name to call your teacher.
2. edible nuts that are colored in a variety of colors (the colors of the rainbow).
3. balls that are colored in rainbow colors.
4. a knee slapping inside joke between Bianca and Rachel.
1. Ms. ______ is a rainbownut.
2. These rainbownuts are YUMMY!
3. Did you see that man's rainbownuts?
#rainbow #nuts #funny #inside joke #weird
by rachelquifferpants April 19, 2008
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