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1. a funny name to call your teachers.
2. (edible) nuts that are colored rainbow.
2. ballsacks that are rainbow colored.
4. a kneeslapping inside joke to share with your friends.
1. Mr./Mrs._______ is a Rainbow Nut!!!

2. Those Rainbow Nuts are yummy.

3. Have you seen that man's Rainbow Nuts?

4. Would you like to be my Rainbow Nut?
by rachelquifferpants April 19, 2008
1. a funny name to call your teacher.
2. edible nuts that are colored in a variety of colors (the colors of the rainbow).
3. balls that are colored in rainbow colors.
4. a knee slapping inside joke between Bianca and Rachel.
1. Ms. ______ is a rainbownut.
2. These rainbownuts are YUMMY!
3. Did you see that man's rainbownuts?
by rachelquifferpants April 19, 2008
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