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2 definitions by rOsWeLL

An insult for a white person who attempts to act like a nigger online, for instance using the Izzle language greatly influenced by the rap community. Although usually in reality, the e-nigger is actually a 70 pound jewish pale white male with a 3 inch penis, anyone can be an e-nigger.
E-Nigger: Yo nigga that be tha junk in tha trunk fo sheazy mah neazy in the heazy who i might reckon would also me mah nizzle fo shizzle.

Person: Fool, u best be not tryin to act black you e-nigger.
by rOsWeLL February 11, 2005
These 2 words can be used at anytime, and infact do not have a proper definition the point is to confuse.
If you radomly say these words midsentance or even in a silence the other person/people will either believe you are insane or question whether you actually did say it at all (making them think they might be insane).
by Roswell February 03, 2004