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When the popular beauty ages and can no longer depend on smiles and good looks to make her life easy.
Lookout, that faded queen with the too short skirt is hitting on all the boys to buy another round.

Walked into Victoria's Secret and saw that faded queen manager hitting compact and putting on warpaint. She is past it man.
#old lady #middle age crazies #old bitch #lost youth #warpaint
by r3dcut August 18, 2011
Abbreviation for the Metroplex of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas
Drive it either way Bud, I35 splits through dfw.

Hey buddy, we fly into dfw airport.
#the metroplex #big d and cowtown #dls ftw #north texas cities #steak and mescan food town
by r3dcut August 18, 2012
A black pause like ura, era, uh, to give emphasis to the simplistic jive sputtered in every other sentence.
Yee bluh whatever. You hear wha I'm sayin'? Da ho wa so naeesty. You hear what I'm sayin'? Whatever. Dat bitch. You hear wha I'm sayin'?
#you know #whatever #saying #what #ebonics
by r3dcut May 19, 2011
Old man with little or no hair. Aging makes nose and ears more pronounced.
Long Ears, you and grandma get outta the passing lane dangit.

Shit, got behind long ears at the cafeteria and it took forever.
#old man #redneck senior #grumpy coot #senior post 65 men #coot
by r3dcut November 28, 2010
When a lover falls very much in love and is obsessed with their love. Reference is to fishing and when both treble hooks are in the fish's mouth, you don't need a net to haul fish into boat.

I'm a telling you Harley, that Carol has double treble hooked John and he's so strung out on her, she's a haulin' him in. Ain't love weird.
double treble hooked, love, enamored, head over heels
by r3dcut March 08, 2016
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