33 definitions by qzkotl

1. (adj) Sure
2. (n) Shit
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
1. (n) Short for "Representative"
2. (v) To represent somebody or something
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
(n) A person who has an interest in punk rock music
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
(v) To ruin the quality of something, such as a song by singing along to it badly.
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
(n) derogative term for Nike. The acronym for "For Us By Asian Kids", originating from Tracy Morgan during a skit from Saturday Night Live, as a takeoff of FUBU.
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
(n) Acronym for Microsoft Internet Explorer
>> I use Mozilla, what do you use?
>> MSIE.
>> Don't you know that browser's almost 3 years old?
by QZKotL May 02, 2004

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