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The time, usually from 4 to 6 PM when everyone is on Facebook at the sametime
Billy: "Yo, have you seen Starr since we graduated."
Bobby: " It's Facebook time, she probably on right now, look her up."
by Qwertymf5 March 15, 2010
When returning from a concert or sporting event, you drop onto your bed or couch from pure exhaustion late in the light or early in the morning.
Bitch: Dude, last night you scared the shit out of me!
Mike: Wha'd I do?
Bitch: Know how you went to see Sublime last night, well you came in and missed the concert drop on the couch.
by Qwertymf5 May 30, 2010
When all day definitions for UD pop into your head
Guy: Doc, I think I'm sick

Doc: What do you have?

Guy: Urbandictionary disease

Doc: That's bad, smoke some weed
by qwertymf5 June 29, 2010
1. stupid assholes on youtube who have accounts and don't upload any videos

2. people on YouTube that sit in front of the webcam on thier monitor and rant about shit that either they no nothing about but have to put their 2 cents in or stupid shit that no one cares about

3. people that re-upload popular videos because their not creative enough to think of their own ideas or their own videos
Examples of YouTube assholes are
1. youtube.com/user/Drusilla
2. youtube.com/user/Loraandlayton
3. youtube.com/user/FocuzzBeatboxer
by qwertymf5 May 08, 2010

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