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3 definitions by qwerty93

A 12 year old christian kid who posted controversial religious videos onto Youtube, and was called a 'homo' by many people, which caused him to make the 'stop calling me a homo' video, which became an internet meme. He eventually closed his account.
Stop calling ChristianU2uber a homo
by qwerty93 May 22, 2009
A mexican-american kid on YouTube, who's real name is Alex Alvarez. He talks like an american black girl, which gets him a lot of hate, he also gets hate because his videos are stupid and he can't finish a sentence without saying the word shit. He is also a big fan of Chris Crocker, and he has the IQ of a plankton.
lovegod703 is a fucking idiot.
by qwerty93 August 14, 2009
Big Gay Wing. This is often used by people in the drifting community to describe a large wing on a car.
Look at the BGW on that S13!
by qwerty93 June 29, 2009