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Bitches Get Wet, a term to describe the awesomeness a man possesses
"Dude, that slut was jocking hardcore" "Obviously bro, BGW everytime I'm around"
by B Random October 05, 2007
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Big Gay Wing. This is often used by people in the drifting community to describe a large wing on a car.
Look at the BGW on that S13!
by qwerty93 June 29, 2009
BGW - Besties Gone Wrong
When two best friends think they like like each other, but usually ends in both people splitting and being hurt, and never looking at each other again :(
Natjan and Eillim were good friends. They thought they liked each other, so they got together. after a short time, they found it didn't work out, and didn't speak to each other for a long time.

Some guy No.1: Hey, why don't Natjan and Eillim talk anymore?
Some guy No.2: Oh, they're BGWs...
by iBub53 :) January 31, 2010
1)A short form of Big Ghost Wanker, that means some teenagers who do masturbation.
2)Big Ghost Wanking
I did BGW yesterday.
by Jeremy Mac September 30, 2007

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