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the obnoxious roaming around people do when talking on their cell phone, especially when they get in your way. from: phone + ambulate
Hey, dude! Why do always phonambulate into people?
by quoit June 16, 2009
the Cialis-Levitra-Viagra stage of a man's life. from: 155 in Roman numerals is CLV.
A mean, nasty old man has reached stage 155.

Someone who is mean and grumpy all the time, no matter what age, has reached stage 155.
by quoit June 16, 2009
(smahw' gress)
1. the impression of progress when nothing is really getting done.
2. lip service to or about "progress" when you are actually just spinning your wheels.
From "smoke and mirrors" + "progress."
Back in the 1950s there were great predictions about flying cars and fantastic robots. It was all smogress; no one knew at the time the practical difficulties en route to that dream.
by quoit June 30, 2009

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