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to simultaneously ingest four or more portions of an intoxicating substance to reach the desired effect.

reference: taken from General Grievous of Star Wars lore- a chief antagonist adept at wielding 4 light sabers at the same time.
If you think you got a dud, do a grievous and see how that turns out.
by quigon March 03, 2009
noun: a person using clumsy hand movements and slurred speech to communicate- usually under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

reference: taken from the little creatures in Star Wars called ewok and their most memorable qualities which include a mix of indiscernible speech and awkward body language.
I didn't think you'd be an ewok just after one shot!

Sorry what? I don't speak ewok so you gotta try a little harder dude. haha
by quigon March 03, 2009
noun: a person who intends to have sex with a stranger in a party.

verb: to engage in sexual activities with a stranger often under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
I know i promised to be good but with that girl around it's hard not to be vader.

Man, I'm so buzzed. I think I'm gonna go vader on Sasha.
by quigon February 24, 2009
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