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an insult used to describe someone who is wrinkly like an 80 year old scrotum. also, used by several teachers to describe year seven pupils.
"sir! theres some Y7's running around"
"sod it, i cant be arsed with the little scrot bags"
by questionable_pie October 12, 2006
a noise used when you pinch someone
i pinched him and shouted "qweeg!"
by questionable_pie October 10, 2006
the last part of cheese in the part of a womans anatomay that must be removed via the use of a douche. this bit of cheese is usually incredibly manky or otherwise disgusting. quite tasty to those of the swedish persuasion.
"i was wiv some really skanknin bird the other night.>"
"oh yeah"
"it took five hours with a douche to remove that last bit of ultimate minge cheese. i was knackered..."
by questionable_pie October 12, 2006
to have your testicles removed by an incredibly annoyed woman. often results in a hasty visit to the A and E department of hospitals.
"*sigh* not another one."
" yeah, it seems loasda people have been bollock wrenched tonight Dr. stroganoff"
"ah well, get some ice..."
by questionable_pie October 12, 2006
when u see a large pair of tits and shout "dey be some mondo tits!"
"I was looking at michelle marsh the other day, man she ogt some Mondo Tits!"
by questionable_pie October 12, 2006

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