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A city in which black people will naturally thrive in.

Equal (or indefinitely opposite) to "Metropolis", but it is very urban all in all.
"Some day Chicago will turn into a real negropolis."
by Quakeulf August 24, 2005
The asian version of Google.
In Gookle the most common search terms are "fried rice", "noodles" and "blonde girls".
by Quakeulf June 22, 2008
What some call the conservative take at world peace. It is better than the slogan "love and peace", but does not conform with the Bible's newer testament's "turn your other cheek" mentality.
Written on a label on a gatling gun:
"Peace through superior firepower"
by Quakeulf September 11, 2006
Delicious, soft skin that makes a face convex. The perfect thing for any cute girl's face. Especially asian girls have those finely crafted, perfectly rounded puffy cheeks, but they are also common among Scandinavian girls.
She has the most glorious puffy cheeks I have ever kissed! I need to kiss and squeeze them again. Oh god I am so gay for puffy cheeks. :/
by Quakeulf October 12, 2006
The word-version of :3

Or; how you say :3

It's a multifunctional, all-purpose smiley. Also the sort of face most rodents make.
Guy: My mom died!
Dude: *colonthree*
by Quakeulf August 28, 2009
1.) Jewish people living in Holland.

2.) A refreshing drink made of oranges.
"There are lots of orange jews in this area."

"I had enough of orange jews last night. Now I'm sick."
by Quakeulf August 24, 2005
"Garden of Eden Creation Kit" from Fallout 2.
Get the geck, or get the geck out of here!
by Quakeulf January 19, 2004
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