3 definitions by pyrophalanx27

while having sex with a girl, you make her get in the doggy style position then when she's moaning stab your dick into her anus and fuck her until she comes.
man call me the anal assasain, because that girl won't be sitting down for a week and she never saw it coming!
by pyrophalanx27 May 24, 2007
a sexual joke, in which a man receives head at a girls house, and right before busting a nut he grabs one of her stuffed animals and nuts on its head.
dude i totally paddington beared your sisters dolls, they're rank!
by pyrophalanx27 May 24, 2007
a high level drinking/drug game, commonly played by college students. first you take a hit off of a bong, then you chug a can of beer without exhaling, then after drinking the beer you exhale the smoke out of your nose and crunch the can on your forehead.
dude how high are you, and how'd you get that bruise on your head? Man im so high.... but last night i did the gauntlet!
by pyrophalanx27 May 24, 2007

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